Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I'm a pretty big Japanese comic fan. If I could draw with any type of skill, that's what i'd like to do. My drawing is pretty half assed, tho, and so could be better. Hmm.. i do have an attempt at Anime drawing around here.. This is Sonya Card. She was my character for a d20 play by post (which is a pretty fun way to play, btw) built as an adventurer for BESMd20. Dual pistols and a helluva jump ability, she was my little red headed Lara Croft wannabe.
yeah, she isnt bad. her head is too big, her eyes too far spaced apart, but other than that, i dont think she turned out too bad.

Anyway, back to the actual topic.. Lately i've been feeling a bit.. neglected in the ways of anime and manga. The video store where i live has exactly one manga in its dvd collection, and i watched it like six months ago. its a 30 mile trip to the next closest collection, which is pretty good, but i've seen all that too. My wife and I had a subscription to, which was awesome, and kept our hunger sated, but with changing my life and now no credit card, that means no Which brings me to my findings of the week.. heh.. four websites which bring happiness and fulfillment into my manga/anime desolate life:


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