Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Abraham Lincoln

My buddy Jericho and I were discussing code and such this morning and we're planning on playing some Heroes Unlimited. So he loaned me his copy of HU2 and on the front cover is Abraham Lincoln.

«§øùl¡ë» says: woah. cover art is sweet.
Abraham Lincoln was not a superhero.

Jericho says:
He so was.
«§øùl¡ë» says:
and he's looking at USA1's butt.
Jericho says: He like, flung log cabins.
«§øùl¡ë» says:
no no no.. he LIVED in log cabins
i would have put him staring at hot super girl's ass instead of USA1's

Jericho says:
and he totally like single handedly defeated the evil "South" A supervillian fueled by cotton. lol
«§øùl¡ë» says:
lol.. ok, that he did. He went down to Georgia and kicked Frost's ancestor's ass.
Jericho says:
All the while flinging log cabins at them.
hellfire coming from his stove-top hat.

«§øùl¡ë» says: i still dont know about the flinging log cabins thing ... i reserve judgement until i see historical proof
the hellfire thing is cool, tho.

Jericho says:
It was one of his lesser known abilities.
Why, before the war he was very frivelous about it, he could even be seen at parties, exclusive parties mind you, lighting cigars with the hellfire.

Which inspired me to draw this. Now, forgive, because it was done in Windows Live Messenger Handwriting tab with a mouse.. not easy.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comic Progress

So, after sketching the first two pages and starting color and ink, it has become painfully obvious to me that if i intend to do a weekly comic i need to further simplify my art. Detailed work is fine when you have a two month deadline and a full team working on it, but i have me and my timetable, which is surprisingly short lately. So, while the story that Skipp, my writer, put together is good, my art is too much and i have to refine.

More to come.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Comic Status Update

OK, so no, i have not disappeared again for months on end of no posts. I've just been busy. With normal full time work, addition of a code project, and getting things lined up for my comic, its been a little... hectic. I got the first four pages of script from my writer and had to arrange it in "sequential art" format, and i have the sketches done for the first two pages. I prolly won't be starting the comic until i have the first six or eight pages done, or at least sketched, so i can have material to post each week. I'm shooting for once per week, maybe wednesday or thursday posts. I think that's all the time my schedule will allow right now.

in other news, i have been invited, thru contact to this blog, no less, to review Blue Dragon Plus for the Nintendo DS. I have accepted, so should hopefully be receiving my copy soon. That's exciting. I've got the 360 version of Blue Dragon, and really enjoy it. I'm going to post their widget on the sidebar now to get ready.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finishing Ella

Ok. here's the finish of Sage's character. She's going with a different name, tho. Didn't want the comic named after her. Prolly in case I do something crazy and totally uncharacteristic so she doesn't get upset. heh.

When I zoomed in real close i found a few mistakes with the color. I'm still learning, so i'm sure i'll get that straight eventually. i need to work on the shading still, too. I've been reading applegeeks for the last few days, and taking a lot of queue's from Hawk's art. (Especially around the 300-ish area)

I know my art will get better as I continue to draw, but I need to simplify it if i'm going to be putting out a color comic weekly. Even when i try to do simple i tend to over-detail. It was difficult for me to make Ella anime-ish in the face. I kept wanting to draw her face exactly to the model, instead of just appearing similar. Working with a writer friend for scripts.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Concept Art

So here are my first two attempts at drawing digitally using Manga Studio and my drawing pad. Not bad at all, considering the review I read said it wasn't geared towards color comics. I found that it just takes some layers, like everything else.

These are two concepts of the characters in my webcomic. I'll prolly run thru about three to four full concepts for each character before I decide on something. No, Anthony cannot really throw kamehameha, but the real life person I model him after is a Dragonball Z nut, so I figured it was only natural.

And yes, Sage will have legs, I just hadn't got that far before my wife was ready to play with colors. So that's where it ended up. The skirt is knee length. Its a total optical illusion that she's the same height as Anthony and without feet or shins. [Jedi mind trick] Ignore that detail. These are not the droids you're looking for. Move along. [/Jedi mind trick]


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