Sunday, November 23, 2008

2 Hot chicks in a forest at night.

Elenore: Miranda, remind me again why we're wandering in this forest in the dark.

Miranda: We're not in the dark, Elenore. I have my staff.

Elenore: Oh, you have your staff. My bad, I thought that glowy light was my imagination.

Miranda: Whatever. Yes, its dark. Yes, we're in a forest. But I think this is our best opportunity to catch the prince unawares.

Elenore: You want to catch him unawares? Why, so you can do bad stuff to his bod?

Miranda: What? NO, crazy. He has to be arrested and pay for his crimes.

Elenore: Oh, right. And if you have to "Interrogate" him a little, all the better.

Miranda: You have such a dirty mind.

Elenore: Only 'cuz you don't and I have to have one for both of us. Prude.

Miranda: Slut.

Elenore: Ha! That isn't an insult. That's the truth.

Miranda: Can we get back to catching the bad guy?

Elenore: Sure. Sure. *long pause* He is kinda cute.

Miranda: Oh, for the love of the spirits.

Elenore: Admit it.

Miranda: *Long pause* Fine. He's kinda cute.

Elenore: *snickers*


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