Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Abraham Lincoln

My buddy Jericho and I were discussing code and such this morning and we're planning on playing some Heroes Unlimited. So he loaned me his copy of HU2 and on the front cover is Abraham Lincoln.

«§øùl¡ë» says: woah. cover art is sweet.
Abraham Lincoln was not a superhero.

Jericho says:
He so was.
«§øùl¡ë» says:
and he's looking at USA1's butt.
Jericho says: He like, flung log cabins.
«§øùl¡ë» says:
no no no.. he LIVED in log cabins
i would have put him staring at hot super girl's ass instead of USA1's

Jericho says:
and he totally like single handedly defeated the evil "South" A supervillian fueled by cotton. lol
«§øùl¡ë» says:
lol.. ok, that he did. He went down to Georgia and kicked Frost's ancestor's ass.
Jericho says:
All the while flinging log cabins at them.
hellfire coming from his stove-top hat.

«§øùl¡ë» says: i still dont know about the flinging log cabins thing ... i reserve judgement until i see historical proof
the hellfire thing is cool, tho.

Jericho says:
It was one of his lesser known abilities.
Why, before the war he was very frivelous about it, he could even be seen at parties, exclusive parties mind you, lighting cigars with the hellfire.

Which inspired me to draw this. Now, forgive, because it was done in Windows Live Messenger Handwriting tab with a mouse.. not easy.


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