Monday, March 23, 2015

Painted Minis

Alright, so they're turned to the side. I tried to re-orient them, but it didn't work out, and my computer is on the fritz, so this is what I can do for now. The elf girl in the blue feathery robes and the giant rat I didn't paint, those were painted by Sage several years ago. I did the rest.

This bad boy, I used a skeleton body from Hero's Quest, the head and sword arm from a Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warrior (Thank you, Adam, for going to the Marines and leaving me all your stuff), the left arm from a skaven sprue I had laying around, and the wings are from a Warhammer Fantasy Witch Elves Harpy (Sage's, but she won't miss them.)

I created this large monsterous spider out of sculpy clay. I still have to bake it and paint it. Came out pretty sweet.

I am particularly proud of the way this one came out. Geneva is currently using this in our Friday Night game. The crow is green stuff. At first it was an owl, but she changed her animal and so I snapped the little feathery owl horns off the side of its head and painted it black.


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